Warm Bacon Wrapped Dates

Warm Bacon Wrapped Dates are an easy to make and delicious appetizer. They’re a classic for a reason! The sweet date paired with the pungent blue cheese and the crispy bacon make these one perfect bite.

Dates are sweet and delicious

There are over 200 varieties of dates to choose from. Dates come in different shape and sizes, but they all contain approximately the same nutritional value. I like to use Medjool dates for this recipe. They are grown in Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Medjool dates ripen early in the season and they are large enough to stuff, but are very easy to pit.

Pick your favorite cheese to fill Warm Bacon Wrapped Dates

When I make my Warm Bacon Wrapped Dates, I use blue cheese for the stuffing, but goat cheese, cream cheese or even Manchego cheese work just as well. Never be afraid to substitute an ingredient for the sake of the recipe.

Some people find blue cheese to be too strong of a flavor. I don’t typically care for blue cheese, but in this recipe I couldn’t get enough of it! I used a French blue cheese called Blu D’Auvergne. It is very creamy and buttery. In addition, you could also describe it as grassy and peppery with a pungent taste.

The Whole Foods in our neighborhood has an extensive cheese section, so they always have a wide variety of cheeses that are in a sample section. I like to buy a small amount of different cheeses and try them out. You may find your favorite “new” cheese, like I did!

Bacon makes everything Better!

I prefer to use a thinner sliced bacon for this recipe. It is easier to wrap around the date and therefore it will cook faster as well. You can also get creative and use a specialty type of bacon. I think the sweeter variety’s pair best with the blue cheese, but use whatever you like best in your version.

Warm Bacon Wrapped Dates are tasty morsels that will perfect for your next dinner party. Make them along with my Greek Cheese Puffs and Grilled Artichokes for a delicious appetizer trio!

Bacon Wrapped Dates

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Recipe by Margaret Sanfelippo Course: AppetizersCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


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  • 12 12 large meejool dates, pitted

  • 3 tbsp 3 blue cheese

  • 6 strips 6 bacon, cut in half


  • Preheat the oven to 400F.
  • Stuff about 3/4 tsp blue cheese inside each date. Press each date shut.
  • Wrap each date in a strip bacon and secure with a tooth pick.
  • Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment or coated with cooking spray.
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes, turning occasionally, until bacon is browned and crispy on all sides.
  • Remove from the oven. Let cool for 3 to 5 minutes before serving.

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