Brunch Board

A Brunch Board is a fun and casual way to serve brunch. You can put a little of everything you crave for brunch all on one board! I like to make a couple of things to go on the board and use store bought items to fill in the gaps. You can use all store bought items if you choose. It really is up to you!

I made the Zucchini and Ricotta Tart, the Blueberry Bran Muffins, Hard Boiled Eggs and the Homemade Bacon. The Zucchini and Ricotta Tart should be made day of, but the others can be made in advance. I baked a batch of Blueberry Bran Muffins and froze them. Just a minute to defrost them and we’re in business! The hard boiled eggs can be made a few days in advance. Yes, I cured and smoked my own bacon, but you can buy yours. Everything else I purchased and assembled onto the board.

What to put on my Brunch Board?

I like to start with a few proteins like smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs, bacon, salami and a couple of cheeses. Next, I think about the baked goods I like for brunch. A vegetable tart or frittata, toast, bagels, waffles, pancakes and muffins are always nice. I always like something with a touch of acid like olives, cornichons or giardiniera.

Of course, it wouldn’t be brunch without some fruit! I particularly like berries such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Apples, figs, oranges and grapes are also tasty options. But the condiments make all the difference! You may need maple syrup, butter, jam, mustard or sour cream depending on what’s on your board.

There is no wrong way to make this!

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a brunch board is to use a variety of items that you and your guests like to eat. Lastly, remember there really is no wrong way to make a brunch board!

Brunch Board

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A Brunch Board is a fun and casual way to serve brunch. You can put a little of everything you crave for brunch all on one board!


  • Proteins
  • Choice of Choice Eggs such as Hard Boiled, Frittata, etc

  • Varieties of Varieties Bacon, Salami, Prosciutto or any cured meats you like

  • Choice of Choice Smoked Fish such as Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout or Smoked Mackerel

  • Baked Goods
  • Varieties of Varieties Waffles, Pancakes, Croissants, Toast Points, Bagels, Muffins, Tart, etc

  • Condiments
  • Varieties of Varieties Condiments such as Maple Syrup, Butter, Jam, Mustard, Sour Cream, etc

  • Cheese
  • Varieties of Varieties Cubed Cheese such as Cheddar, Mini Mozzarella Balls, etc

  • Olives, Pickled and Marinated Vegetables, Etc
  • Varieties of Varieties Olives, Pickles, Cornichons, Marinated Artichokes Hearts, Giardiniera, Grilled Bell Peppers, etc

  • Fruit
  • Varieties of Varieties Fresh Fruit such as Grapes, Apples and Berries, and/or Dried Fruit such as Apricots, Dates and Figs


  • Add a variety of proteins to your board or platter, placing larger items like sliced meats, smoked salmon and eggs on the board first.
  • Add a variety of baked goods next, spacing them out on the board.
  • Now add the condiments. It is easier to put them in small jars or bowls before adding them to the board.
  • Fill in gaps on your board with cheese cubes, olives and vegetables. Sometimes its easier to place these items in small bowls and then add the bowl to the board.
  • Next add the fresh and/or dried fruit.
  • Serve immediately or chill until ready to serve.

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