Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce

Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce is a tasty dish that turns a few pantry items into a quick and healthy meal. Sometimes I don’t have time to deal with what to make for dinner. The good news is we have a well stocked pantry which makes tossing together a yummy pasta dish pretty easy.

Roasted red bell peppers make the base of this pasta sauce. Its always nice to have a jar of these on hand, but you can easily roast your own bell peppers if you like. I just blend them up and add them to a skillet to warm through. Lastly, I finish the sauce with good Italian or Spanish Tuna in olive oil and some salty capers.

While the pasta boils you can get your pantry items together and create the sauce. I enjoy the sweet bell peppers, the salty capers and the clean, bright flavor of the tuna. The flavors of this dish compliment each other so well, you’ll find yourself eating it a lot!

Good Quality Tuna in Olive Oil is worth the spurge

It is really worth stocking good quality Italian or Spanish Tuna packed in olive oil in your pantry. It is a little pricier than your average can of tuna, but it has a moist, silky texture and rich, meaty taste that is enhanced by being preserved with olive oil. We enjoy it in Tuna and Bean Salad, as part of a delicious sandwich, and in pastas. I don’t like to mix this tuna with mayonnaise, instead I prefer to pair it with an oil and vinegar dressing or a light vegetable or herb based pasta sauce.

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