Baked Goods

Enjoy your favorite muffin, pizza or cookie recipe!


Chocolate Tutu Cookies

Chocolate Tutu cookies are a staple holiday dessert in most Southern Italian/Sicilian families. The spelling actually varies by region and family. Joe’s family uses the spelling tutu, but tetu, toto and even dodo are common variations. They all describe this little round chocolate cookie covered in a thick icing. This […]


Gingerbread Cookies

My mother made these Gingerbread Cookies every year at Christmas time. They are made with a nice blend of spices, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and are sweetened with molasses and brown sugar. These cookies are thin, crunchy and addicting! A Holiday Tradition I still uphold the Christmas tradition of […]


Cinnamon Apple Filled Cupcakes

These cinnamon apple filled cupcakes topped with a maple swiss meringue buttercream encapsulate all the delicious flavors of fall in one yummy treat! They take a few steps to make, but are totally worth it! The cupcakes are light and fluffy with just a hint of cinnamon. Then, they’re packed […]


Pumpkin Oat Cherry Cookies

Pumpkin Oat Cherry Cookies are full of fall flavor! They remind me of fall’s version of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (my favorite cookie). I like all the different flavors and textures. The pumpkin and warming spices have a nice comforting taste that doesn’t take over the cookie. The oats and pecans […]


Chicken Pot Pie

Joe’s Favorite Chicken Pot Pie may not be Italian, but it’s definitely one of his go to comfort foods! This chicken pot pie has a creamy filling full of onions, carrots, peas and chicken. It is so comforting that it makes you feel like you are getting a big hug. […]


Gluten Free Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

Gluten Free Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes are rich and decadent. So easy to make, its ridiculous! Just combine all six ingredients in the food processor and pulse it a few times. Bake them, frost them with chocolate ganache and that’s it! Serve these cupcakes with a good strong cup of coffee […]


Milwaukee Style Sausage Pizza

We like to make Milwaukee Style Sausage Pizza for Pizza Night at our house! This is the pizza that Joe grew up eating. The first time I went with Joe to Milwaukee he took me to his favorite place for pizza, Balistreri’s Pizza on 68th and Wells. We had pizza […]


Pumpkin and Radicchio Pizza

Pumpkin and Radicchio Pizza is perfect for fall or anytime of the year for that matter! For those of you who love all things pumpkin or someone like me that just likes something a little interesting and different, this pizza fits the bill. Interesting fall flavors The pumpkin puree is […]


Greek Cheese Puffs

Greek Cheese Puffs, called Tiropitakia in Greek, are crispy phyllo dough triangles filled with a bold feta cheese filling. They are the perfect little appetizer. I like to serve them hot out of the oven with some cold appetizers like Olives and Salami, my Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs, or Grilled […]


Blueberry Bran Muffins

These blueberry bran muffins have tons of blueberries and walnuts packed inside, so they’re tasty and good for you. These muffins are the famous and three time Emmy Award winning comedian, Louie Anderson’s favorite muffins (he really told me to say that)! In case you are wondering, he really is […]


Jan Hagel

My mom made Jan Hagel every year at Christmas.  Her step-mother (my Oma) was Dutch.  This is one of the cookies that always reminds me of her.   What is Jan Hagel? Jan Hagel is a Dutch bar cookie that is very buttery, similar to a shortbread cookie.  I like the […]


Almond Cake with Fig and Orange Compote

Almond Cake with Fig and Orange Compote is a light cake that I like to serve with a fresh fig and orange compote and a touch of whipped cream.  When our friend’s invite us to dinner at their homes, they often ask me to make dessert.  This almond cake is […]